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How to moderate a Group Session by Y Combinator?

Drill Surgeries moderates group session at SUS by Y Combinator

As announced earlier this summer, Drill Surgeries was participating through our CEO, Moises Barbera, in this years batch of the Startup School by Y combinator.

A school created by the most well-known startup accelerator in the world, this year carried online amid the COVID pandemic situation.

During the past 10 weeks, we have been exposed to some of the best talks in the field from successful founders and professionals in the sector. Part of this Startup School programme involved participating in Group Sessions, these are online video calls with a selected group of founders worldwide to discuss problems and find solutions together.

To finish the Startup School Programme we attended the last group session before obtaining our certificate and thanks to the hard work shown over the weeks, Drill Surgeries was appointed as the moderator for such session.

To prepare for such task, Moises prepared a series of points he considered crucial to cover in any conversation between founders that are trying to get the most out of their meetings. From his notes he shared the following ideas to kick off and moderate the Group Session:

  1. Ask each founder to introduce themselves (before getting to know their work it is always important to get to know the person).

  2. Share a one liner about your company (look at it as an investor pitch where you have to transmit the mission of your company and what it does in one sentence).

  3. Share last week's progress (to know where we stand in the conversation it is always good to know the stage at which each company is and sharing previous progress helps to define the situation and the path to follow in the discussion).

  4. What are the biggest obstacles? (This is where things get truly interesting in the video call, here we can share the things we struggle the most with and try to find a solution together, perhaps some of the founders have already undergone that same problem and can help you solve it in the most efficient way).

  5. What are next week's goals? (It is always interesting/beneficial to meet with other founders on a weekly vaisis to keep each other on the right midset and grow together. As a result of the previous question some of next week's goals wilmay change, other times the goals for the following week are already in place. Any way, this question helps narrow focus of the work of the founders and motivates them to complete these tasks).

  6. Discussion (Like every panel at a conference or every other conversation, the discussion is usually the most important part , here the topics may be more diversified and it is job of the moderator to keep the flow of this conversation not letting it to stop. Usually, here is where the best ideas or thoughts come to life, here is where you should expect the unexpected).

As a result of our work, we are now a certified startup by the SUS (Startup School) by Y Combinator! The corresponding certificate can beaccessed by pressing on the newly added logo of The Startup School on the "ABOUT US" page or below.

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