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Founder, Moises Barbera, speaks with HealthTech World about Mental Health

We have recently shared how starting a Startup is often seen as a glamorous job and that of the entrepreneur of the lucky guy that gets to leave the office early but, this is NEVER the case.

Entrepreneurs put in long hours every day of the week to keep the business alive, fighting the most-times challenging cash flow and the ever-changing strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

In the case of our founder, Moises Barbera, the most challenging times (as with most things) were at the beginning, as a Theoretical Physics Master's Student at the University of Liverpool trying to launch Drill Surgeries from his dorm with the aim to Improve Healthcare Through Technology.

We must take into account that healthcare and especially Health Tech is a very challenging field for the level of knowledge and specialisation required but also because of how closed the industry is for outsiders so, having a 20 year-old talking with big Medical Device companies about a basic prototype using Artificial Intelligence to reduce radiation and operating times at hospitals wasn't taken seriously.

That feeling of frustration and loneliness was tough to navigate but, luckily, Moises did not desist on his quest to disrupt the healthcare sector. 3 years later he is proving to the whole industry how Drill Surgeries' Artificial Intelligence Surgical Guidance System (ZAORY(TM)) is the future of navigated surgeries worldwide.

Now things are going better, with countless media features, and awards including the "BEST STARTUP" at the National Business in Healthcare Awards 2022 or "ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2022", a growing team featuring the best international clinicians and secured grants and funding from INNOVATE UK and others. But despite the company's success, it is important to keep your mental health in check, and this is what our founder, Moises Barbera, talked about with HealthTech World this week.

As the Magazine says:

Young MedTech entrepreneur Moises Barbera Ramos speaks to Health Tech World about his journey – and how his childhood experiences set him up for business success…

If you want to know more about his journey, check the whole publication at:

Moises also said to us:

When I was a goalkeeper, I and my teammates would rely heavily on our coach, not because he trained us on the field but because he balanced our state of mind. When we were winning he made sure we stayed focused and didn't let that occasional success cloud our judgement. Similarly, when we were losing he made sure we didn't lose control and pushed us to continue giving our best and try to turn that situation around.
When we are running a startup we are alone, at least initially until we have a team, so how can you manage those long and lonely days with ups and downs as you take on more and more challenges? Asking for help is necessary, and finding that coach figure outside my workspace is the way I did it.

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