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The AI Journal speaks with MedTech Founder Moises Barbera

Seems like this week everyone is looking at us, and especially at our Founder, Moises Barbera, to discuss all things Mental Health in highly successful entrepreneurs at MedTech Startups.

This time we talked with one of the biggest Artificial Intelligence outlets in the country:

We have recently shared how starting a Startup is often seen as a glamorous job and that of the entrepreneur of the lucky guy that gets to leave the office early but, this is NEVER the case.

Entrepreneurs put in long hours every day of the week to keep the business alive, fighting the most-times challenging cash flow and the ever-changing strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

The AI Journal published:

23-year-old MedTech start-up founder, Moises Barbera Ramos attributes his childhood playing team sport as the reason why he has created his own support network while founding his own business, Drill Surgeries.
The start-up that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency in surgery to stabilise broken bones and reduce excess radiation from x-rays has required Moises to work long hours up to seven days a week while establishing the company. However, his experiences of community and togetherness from playing team sports as a youngster have led him to create his own support network to avoid a work-related mental health decline.

And we know how valuable that support network has been, the whole team at Drill Surgeries is always encouraged to share what is it that they need to make sure they don't fall into a mental health decline either and the necessary resources are then put in place to help out.

This all started after founder, Moises Barbera, shared his story; he also said:

When I was a goalkeeper, I and my teammates would rely heavily on our coach, not because he trained us on the field but because he balanced our state of mind. When we were winning he made sure we stayed focused and didn't let that occasional success cloud our judgement. Similarly, when we were losing he made sure we didn't lose control and pushed us to continue giving our best and try to turn that situation around.
When we are running a startup we are alone, at least initially until we have a team, so how can you manage those long and lonely days with ups and downs as you take on more and more challenges? Asking for help is necessary, and finding that coach figure outside my workspace is the way I did it.

Check the complete article here or on the link below:

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