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  • Drill Surgeries Communication Team

Founder, Moises Barbera, on the Quarter Finals for Entrepreneur of the Year 2021

Santander Universities UK organises one of the most awaited entrepreneurship competitions of the year in the country. From 85 partnering universities, each nominates one of their most promising student or graduate founders to compete on the Entrepreneurship Awards.

Drill Surgeries Ltd., despite growing day by day, has remained close to its roots, collaborating as often as possible with the University of Liverpool, our founder's Alma Matter, and supporting the Liverpool City Region in matters like talent retention or the support of the economy during/After the pandemic.

When it was time to complete the applications for this year-long competition, the University of Liverpool, after assessing hundreds of potential candidates, decided to nominate Moises Barbera.

Already a success to be nominated for this competitive award, it is yet more exciting to share that he has been selected for the following round and will represent Drill Surgeries Ltd. at the National Quarter Finals in September 2021.

As part of this milestone, Moises is now part of a selective group invited to receive mentoring from experts on scaling up startups from all around the UK to prepare Drill Surgeries for the next stage, not just on this competition but, in its journey to success.

We wanted to use this blog post to share with our followers how grateful we are to reach this milestone and to thank them for the tireless support, especially to the University of Liverpool for their initial nomination.

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