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"Fixing the Little Things" Drill Surgeries Featured on Healthcare World

The renowned magazine Healthcare World, present at all major healthcare conferences in the world, sat down with Drill Surgeries' founder, Moises Barbera, to discuss how our technology is disrupting how trauma/orthopaedic surgeries are operated one bone at a time.

In the words of editor Sarah Cartledge from Healthcare World:

Sometimes you don’t need to set out trying to fix all the wrongs in the world. An unachievable vision is all too often a pitfall for startups and big businesses alike. Occasionally it is the simplest of problems that require a solution and achieving it can be tremendously beneficial not only for the company but also for the customers (in this case, patients).
Moises Barbera Ramos, a 23-year-old scientist and entrepreneur from Spain, identified an orthopaedic surgery solution that nobody else had recognised. Although he wasn’t the first to recognise the problem, he was the first to see how it could be solved by AI.
His company Drill Surgeries is a young and vibrant startup in the medical device sector, driven to improve how Intramedullary Nailing surgeries are performed worldwide. His innovative tool facilitates how surgeons achieve distal enclosure/locking during the surgery, reducing time and X-ray impact on patients and medical staff.

As you can see in the article and in the words of the founder, Moises Barbera:

“Our software runs on a mixed reality headset that recognises the environment and the surgery taking place, builds 3D models and provides hands-free guidance during the surgery”

If this sounds exciting enough and you want to read more about Drill Surgeries' work towards improving how we navigate trauma/orthopaedic surgeries in less time and without radiation check out the full article here:

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