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EXCITING START: awards, presentations and travels!

Updated: May 25, 2020

In 2018 we started with this idea, there was something in surgery rooms that could be done better, a certain type of surgery - Intramedullary Nailling Surgeries - is taking too long to be performed and the amount of X-rays needed, free-hand techniques used and frustration experienced by surgeons have been going on unchanged for decades now.

After co-founder Dr. Javier Coloma spent years trying to find a better solution to this surgery, current CEO Moises Barbera took on the challenge to lead the research and development of a new medical device capable of innovating in this surgery, making it safer, more efficient and less of a struggle when surgeons try achieve distal locking.

Since then, after 6 months of work non-stop, the project has grown real fast achieving remarkable milestones for such a short time frame where we were still focusing on it part-time.

December: our first proposal to the Enterprise Fund gets accepted by the board and we receive our first grant from Santander Universities UK and the University of Liverpool.

Early February: invited to attend the NACUE conference for entrepreneurs at the University of KENT.

Late February: arrived to the final of the WORLD CHALLENGE CHALLENGE competition at the University of Liverpool with the first drafts of our proposed solution. Two days later we were invited to the reception of Santander Universities UK pitching our project at the historic Victoria Gallery Museum in Liverpool.

Early March: with all the learning and feedback from pitching these past months we have started redefining our objectives and we caught the attention of LAB by Capacity and its new EMERGE accelerator program for startups, been the only accepted project focused on MedTech in the program.

Mid-March: CEO, Moises Barbera, receives permission from a hospital in Spain to attend for a full day the several intramedullary nailling surgeries performed, expanding the word from our work, obtaining direct feedback from surgeons and winning a better insight on the real struggle of surgeons (like our co-founder's Dr. Coloma).

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