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  • Drill Surgeries Communication Team

WINNER STARTUP during the National Business in Healthcare Awards

Organised by Medilink UK, a national health technology business support network, the Business in Healthcare Awards are a reputation-making recognition to companies, universities, startups and projects, in general, making game-changing contributions to the healthcare sector through technology.

This year's ceremony was unique as it highlighted the 25 years since Medilink's founding.

In order to have a chance at winning the national award you first had to win (or at least impress the judges) during the regional competitions held for the North of England, Midlands, South West, South East and Wales, earlier this year 2022.

After earning the highly commended startup recognition during the "North of England" awards, Drill Surgeries Ltd impressed the judges enough to be a very close runner-up and as such earned us a spot in the National competition, facing the best startups of their respective regions to find the BEST STARTUP in the whole country working towards improving healthcare through technology.

The black-tie ceremony to hand in the awards was held during the Med-Tech Expo conference at Birmingham on the 8th of June 2022, an exciting event showcasing relevant figures on the national panorama.

With founder & CEO, Moises Barbera, in Africa volunteering at Kalangala's medical clinic, it was up to the Managing Director of Medilink, Tom Elliot, to receive the good news in our name.

On the left, Tom Elliot, Managing Director of Medilink, received the Startup Award in the name of Drill Surgeries Ltd.


An exciting addition to our track record of awards and grants that support the importance of the work we are carrying and the relevance of our technology.

P.S. Drill Surgeries is currently looking for investment to support their tests at hospitals, if you are interested in joining us in our mission to reduce operating time, radiation and risks during orthopaedic and trauma surgeries, contact us at:

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