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Welcome Harmony to the team!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

It feels like not long ago when we welcomed Harmony, our Senior Engineer, to the team of Drill Surgeries Ltd.

As a startup in the R&D department, we always strive to be surrounded by some of the best talents and Harmony is one of them. As our first hire in the R&D department, she uses his expertise in hardware and electronics to support the development of our first fully functional prototype.

After spending some time with us already, we wanted to get to know her experience so far and share it with all of you in this blog post.

What did you study and why?

I studied Aerospace Engineering at The University of Liverpool because "the flight" is one of my passions. In primary school I was making paper planes constantly, trying to understand how they flew and optimize their designs. Creating something that could stay stable in the air was a source of great joy for me.

We did not hire you because of your degree but because of your skills and the type of person you demonstrated to be, now, why did you decide to join Drill Surgeries Ltd.?

I knew I wanted to join Drill Surgeries Ltd. because I know Moises Barbera personally. He is a person of infectious enthusiasm and a good friend. As it is starting small I feel like this company is a great opportunity for me to do something valuable and be noticed.

On the right of the image, Moises and Harmony collaborating together on a presentation at Santander Universities UK donors' event inside the Victoria Building (Liverpool - constructed in 1892) during 2019.

After spending some time with us, how do you find it to be part of the team of Drill Surgeries? How was the onboarding experience?

Working for Drill Surgeries has been great so far. I am treated with respect and understanding. I’m given a lot of creative control. Moises believes that people work best at their own pace and without micro-management, and I strongly agree with this. The onboarding experience has gone surprisingly fast, as we were both eager to get started and make this mission a reality.

How is it like to work remotely?

There are positives and negatives to remote work. I’m able to adapt my personal workspace to be comfortable to me. I’m able to work whenever motivation or inspiration strikes and take a break whenever it doesn’t. However, this also means that the task of maintaining a schedule and separation between work and life is up to me. It becomes more of a challenge to stay motivated and focused when I’m not physically entering a different space for work.

Harmony Representing Drill Surgeries at the first live MedTech event in the UK, European HealthTech Conference 17th of May 2021 (Liverpool)

What do you do at Drill Surgeries?

My job description is Electronics Design and Development. It’s my responsibility to design, acquire, assemble and test the hardware for our prototypes, and to optimize these. I also use CAD and 3D printing to develop these prototypes.

How do you expect to grow inside the startup? (short-term expectations, learn about working at a startup, learn new skills, obtain hands-on experience, build decision-making skills, long-term hopes, etc.)

I expect to grow with the company. This is a relatively new startup with big goals, and I am a recently graduated student. I expect to develop my professional skills a lot, learn how to interact with industry as we move to produce our product in larger numbers, and become a more capable engineer. I hope to be a part of what makes this company successful.

What are you passionate about in life?

Throughout my childhood, I have seen many great innovations changing the way we live. Smartphones, hybrid and electric cars, aerial photography drones, developments in satellite and wireless technology. It’s consistently incredible to me and I regularly say to myself "we really live in the future". I want to be a part of developments like this. I want to be able to say that I either invented or played a part in developing something new and valuable to the world.

Thanks a lot, Harmony for your time completing these questions and for the work you do at Drill Surgeries Ltd. We couldn't be happier to work with such talented and enthusiastic individuals.


If you are interested to join Harmony and the rest of the team at Drill Surgeries Ltd. in our quest to improving healthcare worldwide, drop us an email at or at the "Work with Us" section on our website.

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