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We are turning 2 years old today!

It is celebration time at Drill Surgeries Ltd.

Two years ago, from a college dorm at the University of Liverpool and after months of research by Founder Moises Barbera and years of performing surgeries by Co-Founder Dr. Javier Coloma, this startup was founded with the whole purpose to use the latest technologies and innovations to improve how surgeries are performed at hospitals worldwide.

Moises recently shared with us:

This time has been filled with hard work, lessons, setbacks, fast-thinking, quick problem-solving, difficult conversations, celebrations, unknowns and many many sleepless nights.
Overall, an experience I would change for nothing, especially seeing the significant progress we have made and which I look forward to sharing with all of you in the coming days.

We are all really excited to be celebrating our second anniversary, not every research and development startup reaches this point without losses.

Yes, that is right, at Drill Surgeries, we have been conducting our research and development activities without giving up any equity and without registering any losses for the full two years since we launched, not every startup in this sector can say the same. We are incredibly happy by this achievement which we would have not accomplished without the support of the Liverpool City Region and our supporters.

Over time, we have iterated over different designs and solutions to improve Intramedullary Nailing surgeries, developing an early proof-of-concept version in late 2019 which has been key to the development of the first fully functional prototype we are currently finalising.

For us, our mission is not only to improve this surgery (Intramedullary Nailing) but to improve healthcare in every way we can, because of that, during summer 2020 when the COVID pandemic was affecting millions worldwide, we devoted our resources to fight this virus through an Open-Source project we developed in partnership with "EDTap" which received hundreds of downloads the first 24 hours.

Simplified timeline of progress 2nd Anniversary

Since we are celebrating, and in these challenging times it is not easy to see each other around, we have prepared a short video to share with our followers a little bit more about our work and mission.

English speaking version video

Spanish speaking version video

To present this video we "hired" Anna and Vincent, the latest addition to the Communications Team. We are, in essence, developing the latest technologies for medical surgeries so, showcasing our drive for the implementation of innovation, our reporters are actually generated by Artificial Intelligence, check the video out and share with us if you managed to notice the powerful art of this emerging technologies.

Also, if you enjoyed our videos for the second anniversary and you find our mission like something you would enjoy working towards, consider joining our team, either at the soon-to-be-released "Work With Us" section on our website or by emailing:

With all of this said, all we can do now is to wish for a HAPPY:

Second anniversary since we founded Drill Surgeries.

But we have been working on this mission for much longer.

Thank you all for being part of this exciting journey.

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