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We are going bilingual!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Since we launched our website a couple of months ago, we are surprised to have received several hundreds of visits already. Specially, considering that we are not a consumer based company but rather a MedTech startup currently working on research and development.

This website helps us showcase the mission we are tackling at Drill Surgeries so, to expand the reach of our mission, we have identified how around 40% of people accessing our url do so from Spanish-speaking countries and in response we have translated our page, giving users the option to choose between English and Spanish.

One of the main pillars we support and promote at Drill Surgeries is diversity and this is a small step forward to engage with our visitors while breaking language barriers.

Note: The translation of the posts in the NEWS section may take a bit longer than the website itself, we do apologise should this cause any inconvenience, we are working on it and we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter where we will notify you when we have finished translating this section as well as notifying you of any future posts we publish.

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