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VR/AR Global Summit 2020 goes online!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Across the year, there are a range of conferences and events that we, at Drill Surgeries, are always excited to attend. These cover a wide spectrum of topics including:

- Tech conferences covering everything from cloud computing, cyber security and Artificial Intelligence.

- Healthcare conferences/seminars presenting surgeons talking about their methods and struggles with all kinds of surgeries.

- MedTech conferences (of course) where we observe and share the latest ideas on this exciting and challenging field we work at.

- And finally, more niche tech conferences focused on Augmented Reality, a type of technology we use in our products and which we work really hard to bring to a new level.

Being in these unprecedented times, we have seen how all industries and companies have had to adapt to these new conditions (including Drill Surgeies Ltd. as we will present in a future post).

A conference we were really exited to attend was the VR/AR Global Summit, originally scheduled at Lisbon for Jun the 1st and the 2nd, which adapted and presented a 4 day long online Summit earlier this month of June.

What we love the most from this particular conference is their interest in collaboration. Organised by the VR/AR Association, in their own words described as:

"an international organisation designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and brands in the VR and AR ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organisations and promotes the services of member companies."

We really enjoyed the culture they invoked in this online VR/AR Global Summit where we personally had the chance to observe some of the latest AR releases from Microsoft, HP and others as well as attending lectures from Lenovo, Google, Facebook... all discussing the latest developments in Augmented Reality and open to discussions from the audience, an opportunity different members of Drill Surgeries took to expand their knowledge.

In this case the Conference + Expo event took place from 1st of June to the 4th of June and registered close to 12 thousand attendees (11836) and they will be live again in September, we look forward to see what new presentations they have ready for the community.

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