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Over 100 downloads of our open project

Earlier this summer, we released an open project to help protect people's masks during the COVID pandemic in partnership with the electronics manufacturer EDTap.

We prepared for a slow-release as the best way to receive feedback from individuals worldwide. We initially released it at the reputable repository for open source projects "figshare" and not long after that, having updated our website to accommodate downloadable files, also on our own website under the "mask holder" tab.

To our surprise, in less than 3 months, we have already registered more than 100 DOWNLOADS on "figshare" from people all over the world.

(Image opens link)

These downloads include the project/product presentation, source files for the table version of the project and for the wall version as well, some have received more attention than others but, the table version of our design, the one focused at supporting businesses, has been the one receiving most of the love from the members of the "figshare" repository (our website provides a direct download of all source files in a prepared package to facilitate users access to these files).

With the time and effort spent in this project, which we released under the CC by 4.0 license so people could use it completely for free, we couldn't be happier with the welcome received from the community and the thought of providing a real-life solution to a real-life problem.

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