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It's our first anniversary!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Today is our FIRST ANNIVERSARY at Drill Surgeries Ltd.

This first year as an officially registered company has been a really exciting journey full of travels, conferences, research and, of course, development.

  • We have been working with the European Regional Development Fund.

  • We have developed our proof of concept software and are working towards finishing the MVP of our hardware device in the following month.

  • We are developing a strong qualitative and quantitative research in the UK and Spain.

  • We have pitched to investors and obtained funding from different sources.

  • We are established at our own offices in Sensor City, the technology hub from Liverpool.

  • We have been invited to conferences and events in Liverpool, Canterbury and London covering topics in MedTech, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

  • We have been featured in several tech blogs and interviewed by newspapers and institutions including "Bussines Live" and "The University of Liverpool".

After such an exciting first year, we cannot thank our supporters and followers enough.
For a young startup like us with a big dream, it means a lot to see that we are not alone in this journey.

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