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  • Drill Surgeries Communication Team

Newsletter release

Drill Surgeries has always supported collaboration as a way to achieve success and, with this idea in mind, we have grown and transmitted our mission to hundreds of people over the past year.

For us, we really feel like we could not be here, working towards improving healthcare with technology, if it weren't for the support from every person and organisation we have interacted with since we started.

We are starting this newsletter to say thank you to all the people who have encouraged us on our mission and who believe in the work we do at Drill Surgeries. Specially, we want to make you feel a part of our entrepreneurial journey, there is still a long way to go and we would love to share each step of this exciting process with you, estimated reader.

Thank you for your support, you can join our newsletter by adding your email to the pop-up box that appears when you access our website or by pressing the button in the contact area.

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