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  • Drill Surgeries Communication Team

MED-TECH INNOVATION magazine talks about our work!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

MED-TECH INNOVATION is a prominent media outlet in the Med-Tech sector with tens of thousands of monthly readers.

As they describe it:

Med-Tech Innovation provides intelligence for professionals involved in the design and production of Class I, II & III medical devices and connects designers, manufacturers, buyers and early adopters across the medical engineering and manufacturing community with the latest innovations in technology, materials, processes, digital health and R&D.

When there is something big happening in the industry, they talk about it.

That is why we could not be more excited to see this reputable magazine talk about the work we are doing at Drill Surgeries Ltd. to improve how orthopaedic surgeries are performed using Augmented Reality.

As they say:

Disruptive Augmented Reality (AR) has shown potential to improve healthcare and Drill Surgeries uses it to guide surgeons and reduce radiation at hospitals worldwide.

If you want to read the full article click here or follow the link below, we hope you enjoy it!!!

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