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London Tech Show and GitLab's VIP event

Updated: May 25, 2020

Earlier this week we travelled to the EXCEL convention centre in London to attend the London Tech Show.

As a MedTech startup focused on innovation we are always looking for the latest technologies released to see how these are disrupting different sectors and how we can take benefit from these to improve the way we work and collaborate.

We attended this event to observe what other companies are doing, not to showcase our work (yet), and we were really excited to speak with some of the companies presenting and sponsoring this event.

We arrived at London on the 11th of this month invited by companies like Microsoft, IBM, SLACK, GitLab, Oracle... and we used our time wisely to visit companies and attend as many lectures and events as possible. One of the companies we wanted to learn more from was GitLab, we had already used their services in the past as it is an excellent Git-repository manager and we wanted to know more about their DevOps implementations, etc.

Getting to know them better, not only their services but also the culture behind the company and their motivations was something we really enjoyed. You can chceck their website here:

By the end of the day, GitLab had selected a small group of people representing companies in this London Tech Show to attend a VIP event at the Sunborn Yatch Hotel in the Royal Victoria Dock. Drill Surgeries Ltd. was actually one of the companies invited to attend this private event where we had the chance to get to know GitLab better and to pitch our work to different people in the tech sector from cyber security, cloud to machine learning, AR and others.

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