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How did we adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Now that countries start to relax their lock-down measures and some people go back to business as usual, we wanted to share how the Drill Surgeries team has adapted to this worldwide pandemic, the decisions we have made and send a message.

This pandemic arrived while we were tackling several horizons at the same time.

On the one hand, our co-founder, Dr Javier Coloma, was volunteering for a couple of months in Cameroon (Central Africa) helping villages and performing operations if/when necessary, when he heard the news about COVID-19 and returned back to Valencia (Spain), where he works as an orthopaedic surgeon, to take care of the growing number of patients that were starting to arrive presenting symptoms of this Virus. Since then, he has spent countless hours a day working for the patients and we couldn't be more proud of his constant effort. All we want to do at Drill Surgeries, one way or another, is to keep patients safe and Dr Javier Coloma demonstrates that everyday.

On the other hand, our CEO, Moises Barbera, was caught working in our headquarters in Liverpool when the lock-down started. These past couple of months where filled with projects and milestones to accomplish that we were looking forward to and which the pandemic had to put a stop to, but rather than seen the situation as a handicap or a loss, Moises shared with us the following message:

"Since the start of the year, we lined up our work to reach April and May with accomplished milestones, we worked really hard on design and research to launch our Nation-wide Market Research and to have our Hardware MVP prototyped, corrected and re-prototyped. Unfortunatelly, our plans will have to wait a little, with so much going on around us we want our doctors to focus on the urgent work they have and we will not divert their focus from helping patients with our Market Research. At the same time, with our offices and laboratories closed and a shortage of ventilators around the UK we put to the disposal of The University of Liverpool all the 3D printers designated to the development of our MVP so they can produce ventilators for hospitals around the Liverpool City Region, we can wait a couple of months but the world cannot."

With this statement Drill Surgeries started showing the world our commitment to fighting this COVID-19 and to supporting the doctors and institutions who fight tirelessly to keep us safe.

Despite this situation, Drill Surgeries has kept working and growing. With remote work taking over the office space, we have embraced video-conferencing tools to maintain constant communications with our team and with the different organisations we collaborate with. Also, we have been working on improvements on our 3D designs through simulations and kept developing our tracking algorithms for the Augmented Reality software we use as usual.

Finally, Drill Surgeries started this Communications Team right during the pandemic, our work is to help doctors take better care of patients during surgeries, but our mission is to improve healthcare. During a time where it was barely impossible to meet with your loved-ones or friends and sometimes you felt alone, you felt like no one is fighting to change the world, we wanted to get closer to the people around us to share our work, our passion and our vision.

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