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Founder, Moises Barbera, volunteers in rural Africa

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Drill Surgeries was born from Moises' thrive to improve the healthcare industry and that applies to any healthcare system in the world regardless of its geographical location.

The power to make educated decisions lies in having access to objective information and there is no better way to obtain those uncorrupted facts than getting involved with the front line.

3 years ago, Moises was physically present at operating theatres at hospitals to understand first-hand how different surgeons operate and the problems they encounter during Intramedullary Nailing surgeries. Today, Moises is on a remote island in Uganda, Ssese Islands, in the district of Kalangala, assisting at the Eunice Memorial Medical Centre - EDDWALIRO.

One medical clinic to assist a network of islands with no other medical assistance but this in a radius of hundreds of kilometres and that yet struggles to have access to the most basic equipment any other clinic would have access to in other countries in Europe for example.

"This was a remarkable experience, both in terms of learning for my company and in terms of personal growth. The first day I arrived I had breakfast with a woman and her newborn baby just 4 hours old, seeing that motherly strength was already shocking enough, spending the rest of the day learning how they delivered the baby and how they treat their patients with so little and rudimentary equipment was just beyond shocking", said Moises referring to his experience volunteering here.

During Moises' stay, he had a chance to talk with the leading doctor of the clinic, Dr David, about Drill Surgeries' work and our mission and he said:

"Here we have people from all around the island and nearby islands coming every day because this is the best facility in the area, anything closer to what we have is hundreds of kilometres away, yet we have very limited equipment in the few rooms we have at the clinic. If your technology can treat patients more safely and with as little radiation as possible, something we struggle with here, I am sure you would be improving healthcare in the right way. It may be a small improvement in your hospitals in Europe and similar but it can go a long way in countries like mine".

On the left, Nurse Angel, on the middle, Moises Barbera, and on the right, Dr David founder of the medical clinic in Kalangala, Uganda.

In addition to Moises' contributions to the Eunice Memorial Medical Centre in Kalangala, he also spent time supporting the local communities of Masaka, from assisting kids at school to brainstorming growth ideas at a recycling plant to running a marathon to raise awareness.

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