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Founder, Moises Barbera, Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

The Educate North Awards is a prestigious awards event which celebrates, recognises and shares best practices and excellence in the education sector in the North of England.

As a startup based in Liverpool and with strong ties and connections to the community, Founder Moises Barbera received a nomination for these prestigious awards by the University of Liverpool after assessing his constant contributions to the improvement of the entrepreneurship curriculum at the University, delivering lectures and mentoring students.

With the support of this institution and the exponential technological development milestones accomplished to take better care of our patients by using Artificial Intelligence to guide surgeons, Moises was initially shortlisted for the ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2022 award and a few months later, on the 7th of April, he sat down at the award ceremony in Manchester, surrounded by his colleagues from Liverpool to receive the great news:

Moises barbera from Dill Surgeries is the:


P.S. Drill Surgeries is currently looking for investment to support their tests at hospitals, if you are interested in joining us in our mission to reduce operating time, radiation and risks during orthopaedic and trauma surgeries, contact us at:

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