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EMERGE pitching day!

Updated: May 30, 2020

In a previous month we mentioned to be selected as one of the few startups in Liverpool to have made it into the competitive EMERGE program by LAB by Capacity.

These have been three months where we have used every resource at our disposal to grow as a startup and to consolidate the pillars under which we wanted to be represented with our culture promoting diversity, excellence and a sense of ethics.

Having established connections with new advisers and attending over 12 sessions with mentors and CEOs thanks to this great program, our CEO, Moises Barbera, finished this programme presenting our pitch deck to a panel of investors from the UK that would choose a single startup to receive an award of graduation.

Despite not receiving this award today, the knowledge acquired and most importantly, exposing our work to as many people in the community as possible, is what matters to us in these early stages.

You can read more about this on the publication from The University of Liverpool in the following link:

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