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Drill Surgeries Most Disruptive Business 2021

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

After a long summer packed with competitions for different events, we are happy to announce we have won the "Most Disruptive Business 2021" award during the TATA Varsity Pitch competition on the 4th of October.

The TATA Varsity Pitch competition is one (if not THE ONE) of the most challenging student/graduate-led startup competitions in the country, accepting entries from all over the UK, this competition is organised by NACUE - the leading charitable organisation for engaging students in enterprise. They work with college and university students, providing young individuals with opportunities to boost their skills, confidence and aspirations through student-led enterprise societies, practical programmes and inspiring events.

With a lengthy selection process over the course of a whole summer, a reduced number of startups was selected to pitch against one another to become the winner of their respective categories and, by winning, to secure a spot at the grand final where entrepreneurs will pitch for a chance to win £15K.

By the end of the pitch, Moises Barbera, sitting in his hotel room in London - he was actually competing at another competition in Wembley that same day but, that is a story for another post - received the exciting news:

Drill Surgeries Ltd. is the:

Most Disruptive Business 2021

Months later, we would find ourselves back in London competing at the Grand Final where, even though we did not secure the big prize, we could celebrate with our friends from The Washing Machine Project, the winners of the "TATA SOCIAL IMPACT" category, their very well deserved award of £15K

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