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  • Drill Surgeries Communication Team

Drill Surgeries Ltd. Exhibitor at the EUROPEAN HEALTH TECH INNOVATION WEEK

Focused on showcasing the latest and most promising European startups in the Health Tech sector, this event took place as a mix of in-person and online events across 5 different European cities.

The 5 selected cities for this important event were the following:

- Liverpool, UK (17th of May 2021)

- Paris, France (18th of May 2021)

- Berlin, Germany (19th of May 2021)

- Stockholm, Sweden (20th of May 2021)

- Barcelona, Spain (21st of May 2021)

The physical event, happened in Liverpool, the UK, home of our headquarters and represented the first health and technology live event happening in the UK in over a year so, quite a big deal for our team.

Engineers at Drill Surgeries Ltd. were chosen to be the physical presence of the startup in this physical event showcasing some of the most promising startups in the UK in this sector. Unfortunately, our founder, Moises Barbera, got stuck in Spain due to travel restrictions.

Henry, Senior Engineer for Hardware Prototyping representing Drill Surgeries Ltd. at the Physical event hosted at ACC in Liverpool, the UK on Monday 17th of May 2021.

Despite been stuck in Spain and not attending the physical event of the European Health Tech Innovation Week on Monday, Moises Barbera delivered 4 pitches at the "PITCHING TO INVESTORS" event during the conference.

5 days, 5 cities and 4 presentations online showcasing the work Drill Surgeries Ltd. is doing to improve healthcare through technology.

Aiming to secure investment and attract great talent from some of the most potential countries in the European spectrum.

Combined with talks from experts that included employees from BAYERN or McKinsey & Company, the pitches to investors were something we were extremely excited about, an event we had been preparing for weeks and which, based on feedback from the conference, we delivered remarkably.

Some snippets from the beginning of our presentations delivered by our founder can be found below:

Introduction to Drill Surgeries Ltd. pitch in Liverpool, UK.

Introduction to Drill Surgeries Ltd. pitch in Berlin, Germany.

Introduction to Drill Surgeries Ltd. pitch in Stockholm, Sweden.

Introduction to Drill Surgeries Ltd. pitch in Barcelona, Spain.

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