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  • Drill Surgeries Communication Team

Drill Surgeries competing at SANTANDER X

Santander X is the most well-known startup competition in the UK, organised by Santander Universities, this startup competition showcases one of the longest and more challenging selection processes we have encountered and for good reason, only getting through the first phases provides your startup with price-less support from their network along with masterclasses and free products for your startup.

Getting inside the network is difficult but very rewarding, WE ARE INSIDE THEIR NETWORK.

Earlier this year, we received an email from the University of Liverpool, our founder's Alma Mater, talking about this invite-only competition and how among the hundreds of student and graduate-led startups arising from their institution they decided to choose Drill Surgeries as their winning horse to compete at Santander X.

What followed, apart from the excitement of our team was a long month of preparing presentations and documentation to make sure we would win the first phase of the selection process.

Out of the 85 startups from all partner universities in the country they had to leave some behind but, luckily, our hard work paid off and we stayed on the 2021's cohort of Santander X startups!!!!!

3 months later, we received weekly masterclasses from top entrepreneurs around the world, and received 1-2-1 mentorship and pitching support along with access to free resources that proved key to our growth.

Completing these milestones we head on to the finals at Wembley Stadium in London. 3 Packed days of networking with fellow entrepreneurs, the best ones in the UK, and pitching in front of panels of judges featuring seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and other Santander UK representatives.

An exciting experience that put Drill Surgeries in front of the National landscape of "startups to watch" as we finished quarter-finalists and got interviewed for TV inside this world-class coliseum.

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