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Founder, Moises Barbera, speaks at University of Liverpool Graduation Ceremony

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Summer is, usually, the season universities from all over the world choose to celebrate the accomplishments of their students who finish their studies, but this year they had to reinvent.

This year, the class of 2020 is experiencing an uncommon situation where universities cannot celebrate the graduation of their students the traditional way due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, while most have decided to re-schedule the event until summer 2021, some universities have decided to celebrate their graduations online so, students do not have to wait a full year to celebrate their academic success.

An example of a university making this decision is The University of Liverpool, where our CEO, Moises Barbera, graduated from with a Master of Physics degree with Honours this year.

Their decision was to celebrate online the graduation the past 17th of July, so the students, now back home all over the world, could celebrate such important event with their families from the comfort of their homes and preventing contagions of the virus. Also, the University of Liverpool has confirmed that the class of 2020 will be able to celebrate again their graduation in person during summer 2021.

The University of Liverpool celebrated 35-minute long graduation for all students where professors from the university, alumni and famous faces appeared to share their best wishes.

While no graduating students were planned to give a speech this year, the University did, however, select 2 students from the class 2020 to give a speech and we were incredibly happy to see that Moises Barbera, Drill Surgeries' founder, was one of the selected graduating students thanks to his contributions to the university as Vice-president of some of their societies, winning awards for the University in Entrepreneurship and Robotics, and the mission we tackle at Drill Surgeries Ltd.

In his speech, he shared light of hope on the uncertainties that the current pandemic is generating and expresses his desire to contribute to society through research and collaboration. In his words:

"We are the class of 2020, we are the class living a world pandemic and all the uncertainties that creates, but we are also the class of HOPE.
We are seeing first hand people from all over the world collaborating together, helping each other and that... That is what I want to do next!"

This part of the speech was reproduced in over 1,200 computers that morning and today, 24th of July 2020, has already been reproduced over 5,000 times.

He also had the great honour to share the screen with many public figures including the Professor Dame Janet Beer (Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool), His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Anton Lesser (actor seen on the show Game of Thrones playing "Qyburn"), The Honorable Dr Wendy Beetlestone (US Federal Judge), Lord Tony Hall CBE (Director-General of the BBC), several football players including the captains of Everton FC and Liverpool FC, among others.

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