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Founder, Moises Barbera, receives TOWNSHIP award

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Moises Barbera, as known for our subscribers, started this company as a mean to contribute to society and our goal of improving healthcare is the way we chose to create this impact.

This is the same mission that resonated when we released our latest OPEN-SOURCE project, the mask holder to fight against COVID.

It is also, these ideals, that resonated this week when Moises Barbera decided to make a generous donation in the form of protective equipment to the city of Betera (Valencia, Spain)

Moises was born in Betera, a small city (or big town) in Valencia (Spain) where he grew up and lived until he moved to the UK to study and work.

Now that the second wave of the pandemic is hitting a bit harder than the original one, our founder took advantage of the resources acquired during the past 6 months, since the pandemic started, to contribute to his hometown. In his own words, he said:

I owe so much to Betera, this is my hometown, the place that provided me with education, family, friends and so much more.
Now that I have the resources to make an impact I could not let the opportunity pass by, I feel I have a duty, hence why I decided to donate HUNDREDS of MASKS, GLOVES and over half-a-dozen bottles of HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL. With these, my hometown will now be better protected for the second wave, helping those workers on the front-line fight the virus.

Soon after getting in touch with the townhall of Betera to announce this gesture, he soon received messages from different organisations inside Betera's government to organise a meeting with the major of the city. On Wednesday the 11th of November, Mrs Elia Verdevio, major of Betera, received Moises Barbera for a formal conversation about the work he is doing for the society through Drill Surgeries Ltd. and how the future of science and entrepreneurship looks like.

Having finalised the meeting, the major awarded Moises the Township Award, showing the shield of the CITY. This award represents those members of a given city that excel during their trajectory and who achieve remarkable contributions to society. As Moises expresses:

This is something I didn't know existed until I was awarded it, this is also the biggest honour I could have ever received, the meaning it has to me is priceless and I will continue to contribute to society in every way I can, I do this for them.

Some of the articles released in Spain about this meeting can be accessed from the links below:

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