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It is 12 of February 2021 and today is the start of the Chinese New Year, the year of the OX, the year of endurance.

While we are not so much about sharing a blog post talking about festivities unless it is as a way to measure milestones and share the good news with our followers, it has been almost two months since our last post and it seems to be time to reflect.

First of all, we would like to start by wishing all our followers, Chinese or not, a HAPPY NEW YEAR and most importantly 牛年大吉 (good luck for the year of the Ox).

This 2021 is, according to the Chinese culture, the year of the Ox, a year which is no longer just about survival (as 2020, the year of the Rat suggested) but about anchoring ourselves and concretizing our dreams.

This sign represents hard work.

In front of these words we decided to stop for a second and reflect, we have actually finished one of the most challenging years, 2020, the contemporary society has had to deal with recently and now, in 2021, with the arrival of vaccines we all need to do our part as individuals, as companies and as a global society to adapt and leave this pandemic stronger and more prepared for the future in front of us.

This is not a post about zodiac signs or calendars but a reflection on how we must keep working hard to create a positive impact in the world ahead of us having just experienced one of the toughest situations in decades and decades, a global pandemic.

Now it is time to look towards the future, work hard and wish everyone a Happy New Year of the Ox.


("reach your goals in the year of the Ox")

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