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Mask Holder for social COVID and post-COVID times

An open project created by Drill Surgeries Ltd. in partnership with Electrodynamics Tap Limited.

We are living in unprecedented times. As people embrace the new normality, we are going back to our routines with a new inseparable accessory, the mask. With a growing interest in moving the economy and taking back our freedom, more and more people go to restaurants, bars, pubs,  cinema theatres, etc. finding out that now that they do not have to wear their masks they have no place to keep them.

While many decide to place it on their arm or folded on their pocket, this is not the best solution to keep a hygienic element aimed at preventing contagions since our arms and pockets (filled with our phone, wallet, spare change) are in constant contact with the environment. 

OUR SOLUTION is an easy-to-build and inexpensive mask holder that can be easily installed at home (user focus) or the cafeteria/cinema/ restaurant / etc. (business focus) to comfortably hold and keep the users' mask clean, preventing them from placing it on unrecommended places.

  • To keep the masks and the device itself clean and sterilized, the mask holder presents a set of Ultraviolet type C LEDs and protective walls increasing the life-span of a common mask or filter. 

  • Ideal for reusable, cloth, sponge and surgical masks.

  • With two different designs, these mask holders can easily be installed in any wall or table.

bandicam 2020-09-14 14-01-10-748.jpg

Our goal with this product is to give back to the community and provide a solution to a problem we have observed every day since the start of the “New Normality”.  We want this project to get to as many people as possible hence why we are releasing it completely open source under the CC by 4.0 license (Attribution 4.0 International -

Download the full project presentation from the PDF icon.

(Should the download not start directly, press here (opens new window)

English Version

Spanish Version

Because of the size of the source files, we cannot offer a direct download.

Please insert your email and we will send the source files directly to you. 

Thanks for your interest in our work!


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