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Drill Surgeries Ltd. is not a multinational company with thousands of employees and a series of strict rules one must follow.

We are a startup, we count with a small but expanding team at the moment and we work following our own set of rules.​

1st - We do not believe in a 9-5 job. Studies show that different people are their most creative and focused at different times so, it makes no sense to force a night-owl to start working at 9 am (or an early-riser to work until 5 pm). We care about your progress, with us, you will have the freedom to choose your own schedule.

2nd - We do not believe a degree equals knowledge. You may know a lot about a certain topic just by studying, working or building personal projects in your own free time. It doesn't matter if you didn't go to University or if your degree doesn't match the role you are interested in, we care about your skills not about what a piece of paper says.

3rd - We believe that the best ideas come from collaboration. With us, you will be working with people at all levels in the organizational structure, your voice will be heard and you will be encouraged to take the lead in your work. We like people who can think on their feet and share these thoughts with the team.

4th - You strive for excellence. Our products will be directly used at hospitals by doctors onto patients; the good care of these patients will directly depend on us so, we cannot offer anything less than excellence at each step of our work.   

Easy and simple rules.

For an impactful job.

At Drill Surgeries Ltd., you will be contributing to the construction of one of the first medical devices using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to guide surgeons during surgeries. The result of your work, will improve accuracy in surgeries, speed up the surgical process and reduce radiation by over 50%. Overall, achieving our mission of improving healthcare worldwide.

If you want to join us, press the button below and complete the form, we are always looking for great talent to work with.

We are constantly evolving in our needs, tell us what you see yourself doing at Drill Surgeries in the form below and we will contact you when we find a role suitable for you.


We are no longer receiving applications at the moment.

Thank you so much for getting in contact with us, we loved hearing and talking with all the candidates.

If you have applied and have not received an answer yet know that we will keep you in mind should a suitable position open in the near future and, if you heard from us, we hope you experienced a satisfying interview process.

To know when we open the application process again make sure to register to our newsletter:

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