Our work

Drill Surgeries is a young and vibrant startup in the medical device sector driven to improve how Intramedullary Nailing surgeries are performed worldwide.


While this type of surgery procedure (focused to assist the weld of broken tibia, humerus or femur) has remained unchanged for years; our market research, advisers, colleagues and founders have identified serious flaws on the process, what leads to delays and a constant excess of X-rays in what should be a straightforward operation.

We develop an innovative tool that facilitates how surgeons achieve distal enclosure/locking during the surgery, reducing time and X-ray impact on patients and medical staff.

Our product

Making use of the latest technologies, our system implements tracking algorithms, Augmented Reality and a one-of-a-kind combination of hardware and software that will allow medical professionals to implement our device on their toolset flawlessly. 

No bulks

No (pre) assembly of pieces

No excessive X-rays


Our values

To achieve this level of research and success, we believe in teamwork, diversity, excellence and ethics as main pillars at Drill Surgeries. The different backgrounds our partners, interns and managers come from, mixed with them being recognised on their respective areas of expertise, are capable of bringing revolutionary approaches to develop our IP, all of which are bounded together by respect and trust.





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